Girl with the Temporary Tattoo is for the girl who likes to live on the edge…for a few days. Reminding herself daily that it’s all temporary, the girl with the temporary tattoo is adventurous and always on the hunt to try new things. She learns the rules just so she can break them like an artist. She dresses each day to match her mood and embraces everything that comes her way as a part of the journey.

Take a look at the intricate, hand-drawn designs. Inspired by organic details in nature and the curves of the female body, the tattoos advocate femininity with a pinch of rebel. 

The Girl Behind... Girl with the Temporary Tattoo

Natalia Rogers is a creative designer and entrepreneur from Maui, Hawai'i. Summers spent drawing Henna and Jagua tattoos led to the creation of Girl with the Temporary Tattoo. Diverse travel overseas has allowed Natalia to develop a well-trained eye for style. Her work is deeply inspired by creative icons of eras past, organic details in nature, and an appreciation for the female form.